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Posted: May 20, 2008
Name: Glenn
Message: Great site and I also have been watching over time. Be good to swee more driver profiles and what these guys are up to these days. Keep up the good work.

Posted: May 16, 2008
Name: Roger
Message: Hi I have been watching this site for a while now. However there are a lot of photos of car 6 Phil Hoskin but no driver profile. I can remember that he owned Port Motor Wreckers. Is a driver profile on him in the pipeline? It would be great to know more about the man & his driving history.

Posted: May 9, 2008
Name: James Dolan
Message: Great memories. Very imformative and interesting. Thankyou

Posted: May 1, 2008
Name: Mike
Message: Great memories of a great speedway

Posted: April 28, 2008
Name: Tiffany Evans
Message: What a wonderful site, great to see names I remember from my childhood and it is also nice to see my father (Bill Evans )remembered, thank you.

Posted: April 26, 2008
Name: Marcus
Message: Ecxelent Speedway site. Keep it up, always interesting.

Posted: April 26, 2008
Name: Steve
Message: One of the best speedway sites on the web

Posted: April 24, 2008
Name: Graham
Message: Good speedway site.

Posted: April 24, 2008
Name: Sue
Message: Hi Martin and everyone. Yes we will be there same spot as usual unless rained out again. Looking forward to it.

Posted: April 23, 2008
Name: Martin
Message: You going saturday Sue to the historics at Murray Bridge?

Posted: April 23, 2008
Name: Sue
Message: We would rather go to Murray Bridge Speedway any day over Speedway City.

Posted: April 23, 2008
Name: Paul Stewart
Message: Not sure about the best speedway track in Australia but sure beats Speedway City. Should have never been moved out in the never never.

Posted: April 23, 2008
Name: Mal
Message: Many great memories of this great speedway, arguably the best ever in Australia in its era. Keep up the good work.

Posted: April 17, 2008
Name: Bones
Message: Great to see this history, I spent every Friday night there for years as crew for a stocker. MISS THIS GREAT TRACK & ATMOSPHERE

Posted: April 12, 2008
Name: Robert West
Message: Good informative and very interesting site about speedway in s.a. early days.

Posted: April 8, 2008
Name: Pete
Message: Thanks Luke

Posted: April 7, 2008
Name: Luke
Message: Ken Bowey never won an australian championships, only Don Bowey

Posted: April 7, 2008
Name: Mark W
Message: great site.

Posted: March 31, 2008
Name: Pete Jonas
Message: I was just reading about the australian formula 500 champions and noticed don bowey there but thought that Ken Bowey had won one as well. Good website. thanks

Posted: March 30, 2008
Name: Boyd Hunter
Message: I just checked out Jeanettes website on the George Tatnell tribute site and it is well worth viewing it. Keep up the good work.

Posted: March 30, 2008
Name: Phil Whylie
Message: Thanks for the great memories of probably the best atmosphere at one of the best speedway's in Australia.

Posted: March 30, 2008
Name: Boyd Hunter
Message: Just browsing. Nice site for south aussie speedway history.

Posted: March 29, 2008
Name: Jeanette Bell
Website: George Tatnell memorial site
Message: Hi and thankyou for putting the link to my site on yours.I really appreciate it and have put the link to your site on mine as well.Great site here you have done a wonderful job of it.Keep up the good work

Posted: March 21, 2008
Name: Alan Stapleton
Message: Solo's 1962/64 Great site Good memories, and Hi to all.

Posted: March 18, 2008
Name: RowleyPark
Message: Thanks for your comments Col. We unfortunately havent come across information on your father as yet and are only about one tenth of the way through the information we have for this web site. If you would like to email us with information, pictures and even a profile on your father we will be more than happy to use them on this web site. Thanks again Col and everyone else that has left comments. Please feel free to send us stories, pics etc. to

Posted: March 18, 2008
Name: Col Chamings
Message: Not mentioned in the history of the track so far are ALL the commentators that came and went trackside, one being my Father JIM CHAMINGS who, if I remember correctly was the commentator up until 1959. JIM CHAMINGS was also a member of the RDA at the time and also called the races at another track in the Adelaide Hills area. Many will remember the work he performed in personally promoting Rowley Park at the time during his 5 year term as the Midnight til dawn and breakfast announcer on Radio 5KA. I will attempt to locate the many photos and parephenalia that he kept of Rowley Park. JIM CHAMINGS passed away about 5 years ago in Adelaide after a carreer in Radio & TV as a news anchorman.

Posted: March 10, 2008
Name: Jim
Message: I have photos of Camden Speedway but are copies . ill send them

Posted: March 8, 2008
Name: Paul Stewart
Message: Many good memories. great track.

Posted: March 8, 2008
Name: Jack
Message: neat

Posted: March 7, 2008
Name: John James
Message: Very good history on both Rowley Park and the various race tracks around South Australia.

Posted: March 5, 2008
Name: Nathan
Website: the power from port
Message: Good site good memories

Posted: March 3, 2008
Name: Marina
Message: Great site.

Posted: March 1, 2008
Name: Gary
Website: thepowerfromport
Message: What a great website. I have many memories of the stock saloons like John Crowhurst and Cary McCarthy. Excelent pics brings it all back Thanks

Posted: February 28, 2008
Name: Wayne Pinnegar
Message: Thanks guys for filling in the blanks on the photos I submitted, youd think I wouldnt forget names like Graham Benneche etc would you, but maybe it was anight I wanted to NOT remember as 20 or 30 yards further and I wrote the EH off after poughing into the Ambulance gate spinning and being cleaned up by Rob Stevens.
Thanks guys

Posted: February 27, 2008
Name: Wendy
Message: Any Johnny Boulger pics ? I notice its more race cars but would like to see some bikes if at all possible. Thanks Wendy

Posted: February 27, 2008
Name: Adrian
Message: Good site and info of my grand dad. Thankyou.

Posted: February 19, 2008
Name: Garth Bailey
Message: Interseting speedway site and great information.

Posted: February 14, 2008
Name: Paul McNair
Message: Great website...What memories....Bill Wigzell matchracing Gene Welch....Suddenly...What a car !

Posted: February 14, 2008
Name: Mark
Website: The Power From Port
Message: Ah great memories from when I was a kid riding the bus after school on a friday night to watch champions like Johhny Boulger in action...

Posted: February 14, 2008
Name: Mark
Message: Well done Steve and Dean

Posted: February 11, 2008
Name: Pete
Message: cool site

Posted: February 10, 2008
Name: Steve Peterson
Website: H.J. Nugen Library
Message: Dear Sir,
Some very imformative information and we have this web site on our books. Thankyou Steve Peterson. H.J. Nugen Library. New London.

Posted: February 10, 2008
Name: Gary M.
Message: Very imformative speedway history site.

Posted: February 5, 2008
Name: Jane
Message: Well done, something new each time we log in.

Posted: February 5, 2008
Name: Shae from Port Lincoln
Message: Thanks Steve for puting up the fixtures on here.
Shae Freeman

Posted: February 5, 2008
Name: Tojo
Message: good history speedway site, keep up the good work

Posted: February 5, 2008
Name: Ian
Message: Excelent web site

Posted: February 2, 2008
Name: Martin
Message: Yes ill be there. see you there I hope

Posted: February 2, 2008
Name: Sue
Message: You going next week Martin ?

Posted: January 31, 2008
Name: Jane Ricter
Message: nice site, brings back so many memories.

Posted: January 28, 2008
Name: Barry
Message: Top site

Posted: January 27, 2008
Name: Sharyn
Message: Nice, informative and entertaining website. It seems that each time we log on something new is there. Keep up the good work.

Posted: January 25, 2008
Name: Peter Williams from Murray Bridge
Message: A very good site going back into the 70s where my mum dad and sister went mainly to Murray Bridge Speedway but also Rowley Park. Keep it rocking

Posted: January 24, 2008
Name: Mark from California
Message: Hi just surfing speedways around the world and came across this one. It sounds like it would have been a great place so close to your city. Take care all.

Posted: January 24, 2008
Name: Martin
Message: ring his neck but channel nine I heard are paying him. whats next

Posted: January 24, 2008
Name: Sue Mason
Message: IT is very sad but the media I think is going over board. Its the same with that Corey and making him a legend at 16.

Posted: January 23, 2008
Name: Martin
Message: Another legend passes away. Heath Ledger. Sad so young

Posted: January 23, 2008
Name: Peter
Message: very interesting

Posted: January 20, 2008
Name: Sue Mason
Message: Your welcome Michael. I was at Speedway City that night Phil Herreen went over the fence. It was a scarey night at Speedway City, Phil was in the car for a long time.

Posted: January 20, 2008
Name: Martin
Message: excelent footage of Phil Herreen, and old photo of Alf Shields.

Posted: January 19, 2008
Name: Michael
Message: Thanks Sue for the photo of Graham Cowland

Posted: January 19, 2008
Name: Sue Mason
Message: Yes Ray Skipper passed away from cancer.

Posted: January 19, 2008
Name: Martin
Message: Sad to read about Ray Skipper. Any one know what he died from ?

Posted: January 18, 2008
Name: Sue Mason
Message: Hi all,
I found a picture of Graham Cowland that might be of interest. Ill send it to this website and I hope it will be put on here or sent to you. Sue

Posted: January 13, 2008
Name: Michael
Message: Hi, Im looking for photo's etc. on Graham Cowland of Murray Bridge. He drove the number 42 Holden with a super charger or turbo charger. Thanks. Nice site.

Posted: January 9, 2008
Name: Kay
Message: Very nice website and nice to read about some of the drivers.

Posted: January 4, 2008
Name: RowleyPark
Message: Thankyou for your positive comments Wayne and to all the other comments and emails we have recieved.
If anyone has any pictures or stories you would like us to add, we would appreciate hearing from you . You can email us at

Posted: December 29, 2007
Name: Wayne Pinnegar
Message: What a top site dedicated mainly to Rowley Park and the sedans.
I raced there in SA 84 EH Holden in the early seventies, and am endeavering to locate some pics here somewhere.
Ian Leyson and I started around the same time, and Ian has his lad in the seat now.
Well done on a great site.

Name: wayne
Message: I drove the Bowden Ford pace car for the speedcar feature races with GlenDix hanging on the back of the car, they were great nights.

Name: Mark again
Message: A Great story on Bill Wigzell. thankyou.

Name: Ron Harrison
Message: A site dedicated to SA speedway and you have a photograph of an interstate track on your lead in page. However it is a great photo of a great Super Modified.

Name: Darryl
Message: great historical pics ! would like to see one or two of a great pal of mine, the late eric stack (ross smith ) in his valiant at virginia......remember here comes the judge ! cheers.

Name: Mark
Message: Great. Thankyou

Name: Rhonda
Message: Hello again, I have found out more about my father-in-law, Harley Dillon. He raced speedcars at Rowley Park and was killed in the Encourage Handicap Race on 25 Feb 1966. He apparently raced solos about 10 years prior to that. He also was the social secretary of the Racing Drivers association at some point. The race he was killed in also had John Nash, Nick Jackemis and Jim Silvy in it (I think he landed upside down on John Nash who wasn't hurt). I'm hoping this helps jog peoples memory. We would like to hear from anyone that knew him, remembers him or has photos or stories from that time period.

Name: Robert
Message: nice site!

Name: Fred Hardy
Message: I also would like a Commemorative Coin if any are available for sale.

Name: RowleyPark
Message: Hi Rhonda,
Thankyou for signing the guestbook and asking this question, however we have absolutely no idea at how many were even made. As far as we are aware they were released in 1979, the final season and that is when I purchased mine.
We will look into it and if we find anymore information we will post it on this site as well as email you.

Name: Rhonda
Message: Hi, I would like to know where I can get a Speedway Commemorative Coin for my husband. HIs father raced and was killed at the speedway in the 60's. I'd love to get one for him.

Name: J Garner
Message: Very suprised at how many speedway tracks there were in south australia. I learnt a fair bit tonight. Keep the site going.

Name: G Kalis
Message: Great work. Nice site.

Name: Mark Horner
Message: my mom used to passenger for G Atherton on sidecars back in the late 70s and its great to see a color pic of the old crater , to bring back friday nite speedway memories thank you

Name: Thaddaios
Message: Awsome site, Cool, Well done.

Name: Hiutopor
Message: Hi all!

Very interesting information! Thanks!


Name: Kenny
Message: Good to see a web site about Rowley Park Speedway, Glen Dix and Stock Saloons. I enjoyed going there with my Dad

Name: Peter Smythe
Message: Some excelent pic's.... keep up the great work. Ill keep checking back, to see what you have coming next, where did that coin come from, I have not seen that before !

Name: Cheryle & Tony Pinkess
Message: Well done. keep up the good work, great to look back and enjoy the memories.

Name: Bonesftw
Message: now that was racing back then

Name: Peter Smythe
Message: Great memories

Message: Hi Leanne. Thankyou for your comment. There's only a few of your dad but hopefully more to come. Please feel free to send any of your dad's pics to us, along with stories. Hope mum & dad are well.

Name: Leanne Mayers
Website: Digital Megahouse
Message: just looking for anything on my dad mal leo. thanks

Name: RowleyPark
Website: Rowley Park
Message: This site will be dedicated to the history of Rowley Park & Saloons in the earlier days. It will also branch out to other circuits in South Australia.

Name: C. Street.
Message: Just wondering why have photos from Virginia on a site named, Rowley Park. Not too bad though.

Name: John
Message: Good to see a web site dedicated to stock saloons in the early days. Keep up the good work

Name: Tony Laube
Message: I really enjoyed those days as a spectator,but later raced in the 80s 90s in super sedans,

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