Massage in Adelaide - Speedway Sitemap
Rowley Park Speedway .... 'The place where the champions gathered'
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Super Modified of Glen Catford.
Stock Rod of T Martin.
Old Solo's on display at Murray Bridge Speedway
David Vears
Phil Crump
Lou Sansom in England 1975.
Lou Sansom at Murray Bridge 2008.
Lou Sansom and the late Kevin O'Connell
Lou Sansom and Phil Bass.
Old Smokey
Dud Lambert
Cec Deslands 1956 3/4 Midget.
Bill Barrows Stock Rod.
Stock Rod.
Stock Car of Graeme McCubbin
Formula 500 of Barrie Fitzpatrick.
Alf Shields Special.
Falcon Roadster Midget  and Glen Dix.
Ivar Benneche's FJ owned by Michael Qualmann.
Crystal Palace Speedway.

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