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Rowley Park Speedway .... 'The place where the champions gathered'
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Australian Speedway Racing.

Speedway Racing in Australia is difficult to pin point the exact beginnings but on January the 1st 1901 a Motor Cycle ( Motorised Tricycles. )Speedway meeting was held at the Associated Ground in Sydney ( now known as the Sydney Cricket Ground. ) by then promoter Mr. Hugh D. McIntosh.... On March 12 1904 the 1st combined Car and Motor Cycle Speedway meeting was held at Sandown Racecourse, Melbourne. ( This meeting followed a motoring exhibition at Aspendale Racecourse near Melbourne. ).... The first professionally constructed Speedway was opened on 28th of January 1906 at Aspendale Victoria and was a one mile crushed gravel circuit, similar design to existing American fairground circuits. The owner and promoter was Mr J.R. Crooke who built the Speedway circuit inside his privately owned racecourse.... October 6 1908 saw the opening of a 1.8 km clay and cinder circuit at Sydney's Victoria Park Racecourse.... Betwwen 1906 and the 1920's many venues around Australia started hosting Speedway meetings likes of Claremont Showgrounds ( Perth ), Richmond Racecourse in 1913, Elwick Racecourse ( Tasmania. ) in 1914 and such sites as the Penrith Showground, Clarendon and Canterbury Park Racecourses in New South Wales.... The first commercial dirt Speedway's were in 1920 at Penrith, N.S.W. and was a one mile ( 1.6 km. ) circuit and the other being at an oval at Northfield South Australia again being a one mile Speedway circuit, later being reduced to 550m:... The first commercial quarter mile Speedway circuit opened in 1922 at Thebarton Oval Adelaide South Australia and made World history by operating at night under electric lights.... New Zealand born Johnny S. Hoskins was always honoured as the man who launched Australian Speedway.... First professional Brisbane Speedway was opened on 8 / 8 / 1927 as a floodlit quarter mile track and was named Davies Park Speedway after syndicate chairman Maldwyn D. Davies and was managed by Mr. A. J. Hunting.... First professional Sydney Speedway was the Sydney Showgrounds where Johhny S. Hoskins promoted the first season and held the first Speedway race meeting on 31 / 8 / 1927.... First professional Adelaide Speedway was at The Wayville Showgrounds which opened for the 1926 / 27 season and ran until 1934.... First professional Perth Speedway was at The Claremont Showground and managed by a Professor Wilkinson, and become well established in the 1926 / 27 season after years of spasmodic action.... First professional Melbourne Speedway was The Exhibition Speedway in the Exhibition Gardens and begun in 1927 / 28 by Gene Cowley and Jack Hede.... The First Australian Speedway International Star was Maitland born Hubert R. Jeffkins ( 1880 - 1943 ) who went to the United States in the early 1900's and raced on fairground Speedways and set many city to city records. Hubert R. Jeffkins competed as a riding mechanic for Ralph Depalma in the 1912 Indianapolis 500 and the returned to Australia in 1913 where he promoted and raced in a meeting at Richmond Racecourse....

Speedcar Racing in Australia.

Speedcar Racing , the sport of racing scaled-down, lightweight open-wheeled racing cars on both dirt and asphalt is believed to have been invented in the U.S.A. but actually began in England and spread to several European countries before the first were built in the U.S.A. in 1933. Melbourne and Sydney enthusiasts both claim to have started Speedcar Speedway Racing in Australia with the first Speedcar Speedway meetings being held at Melboune ( Olympic Park ) and Sydney ( The Granville Showground. ) in 1934.... The most famous Australian Speedcar driver was Sir Jack Brabham and the most successfull Australian Speedcar drivers have been ( New South Wales ) Ray Revell, Cec Garland, Jim McMahon, Jeff Freeman, Johnny Stewart, Andy McGavin, John Harvey, Len Brock, Ronald MacKay, George Tatnell and Barry Pinchbeck. ( Queensland ) Bill Goode and Ron Wanless. ( Victoria ) Stud Beasley and Jack O'Dea. ( South Australia ) Harry Neale, Arn Sunstrom, Bruce Rickard, Murray Hoffman and Bill Wigzell. ( Western Australia ) Johnny Fenton and Bill Reynolds.    Unluckiest Speedcar Driver was Les Freeman who was 3 times 3rd and once runner u. Jeff Freeman was killed at Westmead Speedway in 1965...

Australian Saloon Car Federation Inc. Modified Stock Saloons and Super Sedan National Titles.

At Canberra NSW 1972 1st Kevin Dalton Vic; 2nd Allan Butcher Q; 3rd David House N:... Liverpool NSW 1973 1st David House N; 2nd Peter Crick N; 3rd Paul Aish N:... Northern Park Victoria 1974 1st David Wignall N; 2nd Russell Hoffman Q; 3rd David House N:... Toowoomba Qld 1st David House N; 2nd Keven Drew Q; 3rd Neville Harper T:... Rowley Park Speedway S.A. 1976 1st Grenville Anderson N, 2nd Peter Timberlake V, 3rd David House N:... Carrick Tas 1977 1st Allan Blake W; 2nd Merv Hargraves Q; 3rd Howie Fielder Q:... Claremont W.A. 1978 1st Grenville Anderson N, 2nd Frank Ashmore V, 3rd Ben Ludlow W:... Toowoomba Q. 1979 1st Russell Hoffman Q; 2nd Grenville Anderson N; 3rd Phil Marshall Q:... Bagot Park N.T. 1980 1st Grenville Anderson N; 2nd Nev Pezutti N; 3rd Daran Munro Q:... Newcastle N.S.W. 1981 1st Alan Butcher Q; 2nd Adrian Anderson N; 3rd John Leslight N:... Brooklyn Vic. 1982 1st John Cartwright; 2nd Grenville Anderson N; 3rd John Leslight N:... 1983 was a series of 3 circuits Avalon Vic; Premier Vic and Speedway Park S.A: 1st Cees Hendricks T; 2nd Graham Lilford N; 3rd Chas Kelly T:... 1984 saw the name change to Super Sedans... Speedway Park S.A. 1st Chris Blunden S.A; 2nd Steve Stewart S.A; 3rd Gary Chippendall:... Brooklyn Vic. 1985 1st Tony Grinstead V; 2nd Peter Timberlake V; 3rd Gary Chippendall:... Speedway Park S.A. 1986 1st Peter Aylett T; 2nd Mark Weaver V; 3rd Kym Cottrell S.A:... Bridgewater Tas. 1987 1st Michael Long T; 2nd Peter Aylett T; 3rd Gary Reuter S.A:... Archfield Q. 1988 1st Ian Marshall Q; 2nd John Pyne N; 3rd Terry Broso N:... Claremont W.A. 1989 1st John Singleton W; 2nd Peter Brook W; 3rd Peter Drew S.A:... Newcastle 1990 1st John Pyne N; 2nd Peter Garrat, 3rd Stu Robertson N:... Bendigo Vic. 1991 1st Tony Grinstead V; 2nd Wayne Randall Q; 3rd Nick Girdlestone Q:... Speedway Park S.A. 1992 1st Brad Scotcher S.A; 2nd John Leslight N; 3rd Alan Baker N:... Latrobe Tas. 1993 1st Grenville Anderson N; 2nd Alan Baker N; 3rd Ron Pyne N:... Archfield Qld. 1994 1st John McGeorge Q; 2nd Ron Pyne N; 3rd John Pyne N:... Claremont W.A. 1995 1st Ron Pyne N; 2nd John Leslight N; 3rd Ian Marshall Q:... Newcasle N.S.W. 1996 1st John Pyne N; 2nd Steve Francis U.S.A; 3rd Stuart Robertson N:... Darwin N.T. 1997 1st Peter Logue Vic; 2nd John Pyne N; 3rd Robert Gray W.A:... Warnambool Vic. 1998 1st Mick Nicola Vic; 2nd Allan Baker N; 3rd Peter Logue Vic:... Borderline Speedway S.A. 1999 1st Ron Pyne N; 2nd Darren Kane Tas; 3rd Mick Nicola Vic:... Premier Tas. 2000 1st Ron Pyne N; 2nd Darren Kane Tas; 3rd Bill Miller S.A:... Rockhampton Qld. 2001 1st Peter Logue Vic; 2nd Allan Baker N; 3rd John Pyne N:... Albany W.A. 2002 1st Mick Nicola Vic; 2nd Peter Logue Vic; 3rd Jamie McHugh Q:... Parramatta N.S.W. 2003 1st Mic Nicola Vic; 2nd John Leslight N; 3rd Wayne Brims Q:... Murray Bridge Speedway S.A. 2004 1st Darren Kane Q; 2nd Jarrod Harper Tas; 3rd David Nicholls Tas:... Latrobe Tas. 2005 1st Kevin Purton Tas; 2nd Mick Nicola Vic; 3rd Jarrod Harper Tas:...

Australian Sprintcar Champions

1963 Billy Willis Vic; 1964 Dick Briton N.S.W; 1965 and 1966 Bill Warner N.S.W; 1967 Dick Briton N.S.W; 1968 Bob Tunks N.S.W; 1969 Jim Winterbottom N.S.W; 1970 Bill Wigzell S.A; 1971 Dick Briton N.S.W; 1972 Graeme McCubbin Vic; 1973 John Moyle S.A; 1974 Jim Winterbottom N.S.W; 1975 Dick Briton N.S.W; 1976 Noel Bradford W.A; 1977 and 1978 Garry Rush N.S.W; 1979 Steve Brazier N.S.W; 1980 again Steve Brazier N.S.W; 1981, 1982, 1983 and 1984 Garry Rush N.S.W; 1985 Ron Krikke W.A; 1986 Garry Rush N.S.W; 1987 Brett Lacey Vic:

Australian TQ / F500 Speedway Champions.

1964/65 South Australia Bob Lane (S.A.).... 1965/66 Myrtleford Speedway Victoria Kevin Yeomans (Vic.).... 1966/67 Latrobe Speedway Tasmania Les Redpath (Tasmania.)....1967/68 Bunderberg Speedway Queensland. Jack Threadgate (N.S.W.).... 1968/69 Myrtleford Speedway Victoria Bob Haag (Vic.)....1969/70 Latrobe Speedway Tasmania Jack Threadgate (N.S.W.).... 1970/71 Murray Bridge Speedway South Australia Viv Wilks (S.A.).... 1971/72 Warnambool Speedway Victoria Viv Wilks (S.A.).... 1972/73 Latrobe Speedway Tasmania Ken Redpath (Tas.).... 1973?74 Claremont Speedway Western Australia John Anderson (W.A.).... 1974/75 Queensland John Anderson (W.A.).... 1975/76 New South Wales Ken Neilson (W.A.).... 1976/77 Murray Bridge Speedway South Australia John Anderson (W.A.).... 1977/78 Alice Springs George Higgs (W.A.).... 1978/79 ACT Bill Broadwood (W.A.).... 1979/80 Victoria Max Dumsney (Vic.).... 1980/81 Tasmania Lloyd Thorley (N.S.W.).... 1981/82 Western Australia Max Dumsney (Vic.).... 1982/83 Queensland Lloyd Thorley (N.S.W.).... 1983/84 New South Wales Don Bowey (S.A.).... 1984/85 Murray Bridge Speedway South Australia Don Bowey (S.A.).... 1992/93 Murray Bridge Speedway South Australia Don Bowey (S.A.).... 1993/94 Northern Territory Don Bowey (S.A.).... 1998/99 Queensland Luke Dillon (S.A.).... 1999/2000 Newcastle Speedway New South Wales Luke Dillon (S.A.).... 2000/01 Murray Bridge Speedway South Australia Luke Dillon (S.A.).... 2002/03 New South Wales Lee Dillon (S.A.)....

There are also other Australian Speedway circuits ( some still going, some not ) likes of Albany Speedway, Western Australia.... Alexandra Speedway, Victoria.... Archerfield Speedway, Queensland.... Avalon Speedway, Victoria.... Baccus Marsh Speedway, Victoria.... Bairnscale Speedway, Victoria.... Bendigo Speedway, Victoria.... Bridgewater Speedway, Tasmania.... Brooklyn Speedway, Victoria.... Bunbury Speedway, Western Australia.... Bundaberg Speedway, Queensland.... Claremont Speedway, Western Australia.... Collie Speedway, Western Australia.... Collinsville Speedway, Queensland.... Drouin Speedway, Victoria.... Dubbo Speedway, New South Wales.... Ekka Speedway, Showground, Queensland.... Gilgandra Speedway, New South Wales.... Goulbourn Speedway, New South Wales.... Gunedah Speedway, New South Wales.... Gympie Speedway, Queensland.... Hamilton Speedway, Victoria.... Heddon Greta Speedway, New South Wales.... Horsham Speedway, Victoria.... Kalgoorlie Speedway, Western Australia.... Laang Speedway, Victoria.... Latrobe Speedway, Tasmania.... Leeton Speedway, New South Wales.... Lismore Speedway, New South Wales.... Liverpool Speedway, New South Wales.... Mackay Speedway, Queensland.... Mortlake Speedway, Victoria.... Moruya Speedway, New South Wales.... Maryborough Speedway, Queensland.... Mooranbah Speedway, Queensland.... Mortlake Speedway, Victoria.... Mount Gambier Speedway, South Australia.... Nagambie, New South Wales.... Newcastle Speedway, New South Wales.... Nyora Speedway, Victoria.... Parramatta Speedway, New South Wales.... Rockhampton Speedway, Queensland.... Rosedale Speedway, Victoria.... Rushworth Speedway, Victoria.... Simpson Speedway, Victoria.... Stawell Speedway, Victoria.... Swan Hill, Victoria.... Sydney Speedway at the Sydney Showgrounds, New South Wales.... Timmis Speedway, Mildura Victoria.... Tralee Speedway, Canberra ACT.... Toowoomba Speedway, Queensland.... Wangaratta Speedway, Victoria.... Warnambool Speedway, Victoria.... Wagga International Raceway, New South Wales.... Wollongong Speedway, New South Wales and Yandina Speedway, Queensland.

New Zealand Speedway.

The first Stock Car Speedway race in New Zealand was held November 1954 at Aranui Speedway Christchurch. Mick Holland and Merv Neil were the two men who got Stock Car racing underway in New Zealand. Mick Holland along with Des Wild and Alison Holland ( Micks wife ) were co promoters and pushed to get interested parties into Stock Car racing in New Zealand. The very first winner of Stock car racing was Bill Harris in a 1935 Ford. In 1955 New Zealand held it first all Stock Car meeting held at Western Springs.

Christchurch scrapped Stock Car racing at its Speedway circuit as it got fed up with repairing fences. Templeton then was the Speedway to take on the Stock Cars in 1962 but yet again only lasted 2 seasons again from fences being destroyed. Then Woodford Glen, Nelson and Palmerston North became new homes for Stock cars. Palmerston North was such a huge success new tracks were established at Tokoroa, Upper Hutt, Mount Maunganui and Wanganui. There are currently 29 Speedway tracks still running in New Zealand with 18 others that closed over the years.