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Rowley Park Speedway .... 'The place where the champions gathered'
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Rowley Park Speedway program in its first year and the Rowley Park Speedway final program ever...................    Motordrome Program 1936 which was on Anzac Highway Camden, a Kilburn Speedway Program 21st December 1946,  a Skyline Motordrome Speedway Program 1955 and a Thunderbird Raceway ( Virginia ) Program from 1971....


Borderline Speedway
( Mount Gambier )
The name Borderline Speedway apparently come about because the locals recon that everyone is a 'borderline case'. We have great memories of this circuit located near the world famous Blue Lake. The circuit is aproximately 372 metres and is known as the Bullring. Borderline Speedway is aproximately 8 km's east of Mount Gambier on the Princess Highway. Borderline Speedway was origionally started 50 years ago over the Victorian border where they had acquired 12.5 acres of timber ground next to the Golf Course on Casterton Road but was scrapped before the first ever race meeting because of safety concerns. Thats when Hot Rod racers got together and purchased land at Glenburnie and the rest is history. Many great drivers have come out of Borderline Speedway likes of ( Super Modifieds ) David Vears, Bill Barrows, Graeme Button, Doug Tucker, Terry Clarke, Byron Clements, Jim Williams, Ray Scott, Robert Cutting, ( Stock Saloons ) Lance Bath, Roger Jennings number 99 fuel injected Honda Civic , again Robert Cutting in his GTR-XU1 Torana and Mulga Buttons number 17 Mini.... The safety fences at Borderline Speedway were the fences from Rowley Park Speedway after its closure. This great circuit is not like most others that it is not run by a promoter or promoters but instead it is successfully run by the club meaning all proceeds are returned to the track and grounds. A credit to all those involved.

Elliston Speedway 

The Elliston Speedway was formed in the late 1928 or early 1929 with A. Bartholomeaus as President and A. Inkster as secretary. The commitee comprised of W. Robinson, F. Caroll and H. Flavell..... The very first speedway race meeting was thought to have been held on Eyre Peninsula on 25 / 02 / 1929 at which 1000 people attended and consisted of five races around a one mile circuit on Hamp Lake.... The Main Event was the Eyre Peninsula 10 Mile Open Championship that was won by in 1929 R.A. Seargent, 1930 C. Wiseman, 1931 C. Morley and 1932 H.C. Flavel.... Riders from Port Lincoln had suggested a dirt track session so in 1932 a small speedway track was built at the Colton Showground. L Friedericks from Port Lincoln won most of the events on a 350 Rudge.... In the same year a Gymkhana was held at Elliston....

Kilburn Speedway
Kilburn Speedway was formed by Rocky Marshall in 1945 - 1951 just off Churchill Road. Kilburn Speedway was about 474 yards in diameter. It hosted great racers likes of Sir Jack Brabham ( Australian Speedcar Champion of 1948 at the Sydney Showground ), Harry Neale Wally Watson, Laurie Jamieson, Jack Young, George Robertson and World Champion Speedway rider Vic Duggan in 1949 attracting a record crowd. Vic Duggan Australian Champion 5 times.  Vic Duggan in the 1949 season held the fastest time for the 4 lap scratch at Wembley Speedway with a time of 73.6 seconds and an average speed of 42.04 mph: Vic Duggan passed away in 2007.  In 1950 Jack Young defeated Victoria's Andy Menzies ( World record holder of the 1/4 mile lap record ) in January while Jim Davies won the Australian Sidecar Championships at Kilburn Speedway in February 1950. A Plaque was placed on the reserve in 2003. This Plaque is for the dedication of Rocky, riders, drivers and all the people involved in the running of the Kilburn Speedway. ( photo of the Memorial plaque ).

Murray Bridge Speedway
( Riverview Speedway )
was another very popular speedway circuit and still is. It was established in 1958. In 1962 the Murray Bridge Sporting Car Club and the Murray Bridge Motor Cycle Club took over the ownership and has been running it ever since. Mostyn Buchanan was and still is the Speedway Manager at Riverview Speedway. This Speedway circuit has had 5 changes over 50 years. The circuit was lengthened and made wider with banked corners and is a 300 metre oval circuit. In about 1999 it was again altered making it now aproximately 360 metres and the club rooms and pit area were also rebuilt. A credit to the Murray Bridge Sporting Car Club and Motor Cycle Club. Moss Buchanan is currently taking a long over due holiday after 36 years being part of this very successfull Speedway. Names likes of Graham Cowland & Charlie Hage were just two of the local Holden drivers. This venue can hold aproximately 6000 spectators and currently runs a historic race meeting yearly showing some of the many race cars, motorcycles and side cars we grew up with.
Murray Bridge Speedway as at 23/1/08.


Whyalla Speedway
Whyalla Speedway was formed on August 19 1970. The Whyalla Speedway circuit was built in record time on the Iron Knob Road with its first official race meeting being run on April 30 1972. The R.D.A. of S.A. arranged 58 Adelaide drivers to attended to the first ever meeting including Bill Wigzell, Doug Sunstrom, Ray Skipper, Garry Wise and Gentleman Joe Brandler (who rarely ventured away from Rowley Park Speedway), John Crowhurst, Tony Orland, Ian Jones, Phil Hosking and Rob Marchant. etc.etc: The Whyalla Speedway Club then continued improving the site but at a much slower pace. To race night race meetings it had to hire lighting from Adelaide for 2 years. After this 2 years it was shown to be successfull and were able to raise the funds to purchase there own lighting.

Riverland Speedway is still currently running and is on the Main Road between Berri and Renmark next to the Riverland MotoCross Club. ( awaiting more information. ) .

Speedway  City  / Park ( Virginia )...              


Speedway City formally Speedway Park was formed as Rowley Park Speedway was nearing its end... Land was purchased by the R.D.A. at Supple Road Virginia right next to Adelaide International Raceway after looking at different possible locations. Speedway City's first Official Race Meeting was November 2. 1979. ... The track length is 430 metres ( 470 yards ) from the pole line. Speedway Park / City is 4 yards shorter but twice as wide as Kilburn Speedway. It also has a 42 acre public car park, something that was lacking at Rowley Park. Speedway City has hosted some brilliant Speedway Action since 1979 and is still currently running. ( Photo above was the developement of Speedway City early February 1979 while Rowley Park Speedway was still in its final season and a photo of Speedway City today )

Skyline Motordrome Speedway.

Skyline Motordrome Speedway was started by the late Bill Evans at the Heathfield Oval and operated from 1955 to 1959. In 1958 Skyline Motordrome Speedway was to become Stirling Speedway. Skyline introduced " Hot Rod " Stock Car Racing into Australia. Skyline / Stirling Speedway caused plenty of legal battles in it's time. Skyline Motordrome Speedway hosted some of the countries best Speedway drivers likes of Clem Smith, John H Ellers, Murray Hoffmann, Alf Shields, Alf Beasley, Stud Beasley, Dean Hogarth, Jack Odea (Vic.), Harry Wittle ( N.S.W.), Neville Wells (N.S.W.), Tom Cuddon (N.S.W.),Neville Shephard (N.S.W.), K.L. Munro, Ron Woods, Ted Fullgrabe, Bruce Donald, John Allen, Ray Evans and many more that were also competing at Rowley Park Speedway in that era. The Skyline Speedway used the same flag formation as Rowley Park except a Blue flag was to Start the race and a green flag was the caution flag. The Skyline Motordrome Ltd. head office was at 44 Grenfell Street, Adelaide. Speedcars and Stock Cars / Hot Rods were mainly run here and the Speedcars at this race circuit in the 1950's cost around 2000 pounds. ( For more information go to the picture section and the two 1955 program's of Skyline Motordrome Speedway.).

For more South Australian Speedway Circuits please click on read more below...  If you have any photo's, stories, information or advertising you would like put on this site please feel free to email us


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The Final night of an era

The final night of Rowley Park Speedway with the late Kym Bonython and George Tatnell .... April 6 1979 .... (Duration: 4:17)
of March 30, 2011 o'clock

Rowley Park Speedway... Grand Final Season Program's...

Meeting 1. 27 / 10 / 1978.
The Grand Opening of the Grand Final Seaon. John Crowhurst won the Kensington Hotel Stock Saloon Car Feature from Ivar Benneche with a time of 6:17.9. The Coulthard Sprintcar feature was won by Bill Wigzell from Bob Aylesbury in a Chev and Russel Carlin also in a Chev.

Meeting 2. 03 / 11 / 1978. Rex Hodgson on cover.

Meeting 3. 10 / 11 / 1978.

Meeting 4. 17 / 11 / 1978.
Gordon Kennett World number 2 on the cover.

Meeting 5. 24 / 11 / 1978.
Gordon Kennett and the English Test Team featured at this meeting.

Meeting 6. 01 /12 / 1978.
The feature at this meeting was the Rick Harvey Memorial won by Trevor McIntosh and the Annual Fireworks night. Bill Barrows from Mount Gambier on the cover ( more on Bill Barrows in driver profiles. )

Meeting 7. 08 / 11 / 1978.
The feature on this night was the South Australia V Victoria Sprintcar Challenge.

Meeting 8. 15 / 12 / 1978.
John Crowhurst on the cover

Meeting 9. 22 / 12 / 1978.
This speedway meeting was The South Australian Stock Saloon Championships that was won by Carey McCarthy # 24 starting from position 4 from John Crowhurst # 94 starting from position 24 and David Gwynne # Waikerie 2 starting from position.

Meeting 10. 5 / 1 / 1979.
This was the South Australian Solo Championship won by Robert Maxfield from Lou Sansom and John Boulger 3rd.

Meeting 11. 12 / 1 / 1979. Robert Maxfield on the cover ( winner of last weeks South Australian Solo Championships ). This meeting was the Winfield 25's Sprintcar Thunderin 40 lapper which featured drivers from Victoria, NSW's and South Australia including Les Harrower, Graham McCubbin and Gary Rush. The 40 lapper was won by Gary Rush from Graham McCubbin 2nd, Bob Aylesbury 3rd and Phil Herreen 4th with a time of 11:30.2.

Meeting 12. 19 / 1 / 1979. Rex Hodgson on the cover.

Meeting 13. 26 / 1 / 1979. Cary McCarthy on the cover but it was Tony Orlando who won the feature on this night.

Meeting 14. 2 / 2 / 1979. John Crowhurst on the cover. Bill Barrows won the Sprintcar feature from Bill Wigzell while Bill Wigzell won the Speedcar feature from Rex Hodgson and Zeke Agars.

Meeting 15. 9 / 2 / 1979. Sprintcar feature went to Bill Barrows from Wigzell and David Vears. Chris Taylor from Victoria won the Saloon Car feature from Cary McCarthy.

Meeting 16. 9 / 2 / 1979. Steve Stewart won the Speedcar feature in the Alex Rowe number 2 from Phil Herreen and Ray Bower while Tony Orlando won the Saloon Car feature from Cary McCarthy and Bob Fulton.

Meeting 17. 23 / 2 / 1979. This was the World Solo Championships Australasian Final won by Billy Sanders (N.S.W.) from Steve Koppe ( Qld.), John Titman ( Qld.), Phil Crump ( Vic.), Ivan Mauger (N.Z.) was 5th, 6th was Larry Ross ( N.Z.) and 7th was Mitch Shirra (N.Z.). Tony Orlando won the Saloon Car feature from John Crowhurst.

Meeting 18. 02 / 3 / 1979. Gibson Atherton won the sidecar stars heat one from Ken I'Anson and Brian Shultz. Heat two went to Leigh Wingard from Tom Atherton and Peter Moss. The Sidecar stars final went to Gibson Atherton from Ken I'Anson and Leigh Wingard. Leigh Wingard won the 6 lap Sidecar Stars feature from Rod Lang and Brian Shultz... The Speedcar Stars Scratch heat 1 went to Peter Maltby from Bob McMillan and Bill Wigzell, heat 2 went to Eddy Burke from Frank O'Donahue and Bill Curnow. Bill Wigzell won the Sprintcar stars from David Vears and Bob Aylesbury.

Meeting 19. 09 / 3 / 1979. Solo Stars heat 1 was won by John Boulger from Phil Bass and Alan Gates, heat 2 won by Lou Sanson from Andrew Rowe and Warren Brooks..The Solo Stars Scratch Final went to John Boulger from Phil Bass and .Andrew Rowe. ( Lou Sansom fell. ). Kevin O'Connel won the div.2 Scratch. The Taylor Team Solo feature went to Andrew Rowe from Phil Bass and Lou Sansom.... The Don Willison Best Pairs Memorial Classic was won by Tom Atherton and Rod Lang from Leigh Wingard and David Parker 2nd and 3rd were N.T. ! Lindon Schlein and Peter Menz.... Speedcar handicap heat 1 went to Ray Bower from Dud Lambert and Darryl Downing., heat 2 saw Bob McMillan win from Jeff Harris and Phil Herreen. The Speedcar feature went to Phil Herreen from Jeff Harris and Greg Anderson....

Meeting 20. 16 / 3 / 1979. This was the South Australian Sprintcar Championships won by Victoria 1 Graeme McCubbin from Australia 1 Steve Brazier and David Vears 3rd.... Dave Parker won the Sidecar feature from Rod Lang and Tom Atherton.... John Crowhurst won the Stock Saloon Car feature from Tony Orlando..

Meeting 21. 23 / 3 / 1979. This was the Stock Sallon Car 50 Lap Fireball Derby. Graham Cowland, Tony Orlando, Cary McCarthy, John Crowhurst, Des Birkin, and John Hughes all had at least one heat win but it was John Crowhurst who won the 50 lap Fireball Derby.....

Meeting 22. 30 / 3 / 1979.

Meeting 23 06 / 4 / 1979. The End of an Era. The final meeting ever at Rowley Park.... The Final ever Solo Scratch final was won by Lou Sansom from Sears and Gates.... The final ever Sidecar Stars Scratch was won by Leigh Wingard from Tudar and Adams.... The Speedcar scratch was won by George Tatnell from Bill Wigzell and Greg Anderson.... Sprintcars Stars final went to Bill Wigzell from Bob Aylesbury and Bob McMillan.... Saloons went to Tony Orlando from Graham Benneche and Ian Jones....

If you have any photo's, stories, information or advertising you would like put on this site please feel free to email us

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