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Stock Car of Graeme McCubbin

Stock Car of Graeme McCubbin
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This is a replica of the Graeme McCubbin 1932 Ford Stock Car that was raced in the early 1960's. The origional Stock Car was sold to the late Ray Skipper and eventually sold as Ray Skipper moved on to Sprintcars. Ray Skipper tried to locate the origional Stock Car but was unable to locate it, so in 1996 Ray Skipper set on building a replica of his old Stock Car. This replica was built over an 8 month period with the help of many friends including Murray Parker. This Stock Car ran as the number 25 Ray Skipper replica until November 2000 when it was sold to current owner Gary Smith of Victoria who changed minor things including the colour scheme to the Graeme McCubbin number 13 Stock Car.