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Carrell Speedway Program 1949

Carrell Speedway Program 1949
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A Carrell Speedway program from Tuesday May 24th 1949 costing 15 US cents, the year Rowley Park started. Carrell Speedway was at Gardena California. Carrell Speedway was built in 1942 and was a half mile dirt speedway. Bud Hozan qualified fastest at this meeting with a time of 26.87 seconds while Dick Reiniger qualified slowest at 33.43. It hosted many riders likes of John Gibson, Bud Hozan, Ernie Roccio, Dick Reiniger, John Roccio, Tex Luse, Don Fera, Dick Milligan, Jack Bailey, Jim Phillips, Burton Albrecht, W Weiniezer, Bud Meyer,Kelly Meyers, Don Bishop, Tex Marlin, Geo Manker, Nick Nickoliades, A.B. Lee, Louie Camou, Lee Martin, Dick Page, Glen Campbell, Lloyd Campbell, Blackie Bullock, J. D. Walthall, W.M. Gibson, Dave Sylvia, Bud Gates, Bud Hare, Pete McKena, Lee Potter, Tony Olearts, Jack Horn, Pete Feurhelm, Tom Bamford, John Cate, Bob Micheals, Chuck Basney, Ed Kretz, Don Ensign, Howard Jandreau, Earl Goutsch, Bud Bush, Fred Ellsworth, Jim Kramer, Helba White, Leo Robbins, Walt Conrad, A.B. Stankey, B.J. Walston, Ed Enochs, Dwain Mackey, Royal Carroll jnr; Turp Turpin, Bob Hatfield, Bill Orndoff, Kenny Dalton, Neil Hanson, Tom Ruggles, Brian Ruggles, Smokey Stanfield, Bob Hepler, Bob Kelton, Bob Blair, Bob Lily, Jack Dunster, Larry Apor, Geo Harlin, Gordon Black, James Royale, James McCoy, Fred Smith, Fred Ford, Andy Adams, Gail Brookins, Phil Erickson, Burt Brundage, Bill Seastrom, Bill Dwyer, Don Stover, Ken Lindhal, Ray Howard, Forrest Yost, Art Clohan, Bob Blair, Bob, Turner, Larry Koons, Jim Braithwaite, Tom Staunton etc. etc: