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Camden Motordrome Memorial

Camden Motordrome Memorial
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A photo from the memorial site of the old Motordrome Speedway at Camden Speedway that operated from Saturday 28th of of December until its closure in April 1940. Lists the names of the competitors who ever competed there.
These competitors were Aub. Ramsey , Fay Taylour, Pee Wee Cullum, Ewald Schnitzer, Ray Taylor, Sig Schlam, Bud Stanley, Frank Duckett, Frank Duckett, Les Fredricks, Laurie Packer, Alby Taylor, Harry Butler, Bill Maddern, Syd " Buck " Whitby, Ern Muelhberg,Allan Melville, " Rocky Marshall ", Frank Woodroofe, " Judge Rutherford ", Nicky Bertram, Wally Young, Jack Fearson, George Wade, Vern Wilson, Herb Durkin, Jack Hancock, Jack Cranwell, Alex Rowe, Wally Watson, Mick Smith, Bill Wylie, Bill Allan, Syd Shipp, Les Murphy, Bill Reynolds, Vic Green, Harold Young, Claude Hall, Max Jewisse, Syd Jay, Evan Bartlett, Doug Giles, Bill Jeffers, George Hannaford, Arthur Rodburn, George Beavis, Dick Kerwin, Stan Dyson, Arthur Hubbard, Spence Miller, George Robertson, Arthur Robertson, Reg Jamieson, Bill Jamieson, Laurie Jamieson, Allan Melville, Ted " Speed " Cullen, Travers Burford, Jack Parsons, Jack Baker, Charlie Walker, Artie Fenn, Con Bertlesmier, Eric " Raymond " Baverstock, Bert Spencer, Jack Conquest, Syd Littlewood, Mel Gorden, Ken Carroll, Laurie Boulter, Ray Smith, Bob Hughes, Bert Woodman, " Beau " Fuss, Joe Briggs, Harry Shaw, Bill Farnington, Laurie Packer, Rob Le Messuier, Bill Thomas, John Hope, T Durkin, Kaffir Timms, Ray Mack, George Clark, M Gratton, Frank Tuck, Meeks Hubbard, Cliff Parkinson, Bob Dioni and Jim Freeman. Still more to come.

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