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Tralee Speedway Canberra.

Tralee Speedway Canberra.
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Tralee Speedway also known as Fraser Park Speedway was situated just outside of Canberra and was a 1/4 mile circuit that opened in 1970, cosing mid 1990's. In 1974 Tralee was resurfaced with bitumen but was later dug back up and turned back into a dirt circuit. This Tralee program from March 6 1971. This Tralee Speedway program featured drivers likes of Jimmy Kirk U.S.A. on front cover in his XW / XY Ford Falcon, Peter Taunton, Max Kennerley, Allen McMahon, Gordon Rundle etc. etc: Tralee / Fraser Park Speedway also hosted other famous drivers likes of Peter Taunton, Howard Revell, brothers Bob and Harry Bink, Ron Shepard, Bob Rawlings, Ken Barlow, John Lange, Roger Emerton, John Forman, Peter Graham, Peter Crick, Bruce Maxwell, Brian Callaghan, Rick Hunter, Kevin Dalton, super modified stars Gary Rush, Dick Britton, Jim Winterbottom, Steve Brazier, George Tatnell, Sid Hopping, Larry Rice, Indy 500 winner Johnny Rutherfod, USAC Champion Ron 'Sleepy' Tripp, Mel Kenyon and World Solo Champion Ole Olsen from Denmark....