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Speedway News 1950.

Speedway News 1950.
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Speedway News features all speed sports including Ice Hockey, Skating etc:.. This Speedway News March 9th. 1950, volume 16 No. 47... Front cover is Willbure Lamoreaux ( U.S.A. ) left and Graham Warren ( Australia ) right... It also has photo's and features on Cross (West Ham), Dolan (Odsal), Van Praag (New Cross), Hartnell (Hull), Brine (Wimbledon), Moore (New Cross), Wilson (Swindon), Clifton (Cradley), Squibb (Southampton Boyd (Wolves), Jackson (Rye House), Geary (Walthamstow), French (New Cross), Payne (Birmingham), Clarke (Odsal) and the Bristol supporters Club,