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Aub Lawson

Aub Lawson
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Aub Lawson was born 1914 and passed away in 1977 from ill health after retiring near Northam in Western Australia. Aub Lawson was born at Warialda NSW and up until 1979 won more Championships then any other Australian although never winning a World Speedway Title. Aub started his Speedway career in 1937 at the Sydney Showground and made his first trip to England in 1939. Aub Lawson was contracted to the Wembley Speedway Club and qualified for for the finals of the World Championships at his first attempt. Aub Lawson held the three lap clutch start track record at Wembley Speedway May 6 1948 with a time of 52.4 seconds and an average speed of 40.17 mph: Aub was 44 when he finished 3rd at the World Speedway Titles and in 1963 at the age of 49 won the New South Wales State Championships. Aub Lawson qualified for 10 World Titles in all and rode in 84 test matches scoring 680 points. Aub Lawson won 5 Australian Speedway Titles...