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Rowley Park Speedway .... 'The place where the champions gathered'
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Wembley Speedway Programs

Wembley Speedway Programs
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Various Wembley Speedway Programs. These Wembley Speedway Programs are from Thursday May 20 1948 to Thursday September 1 1949 ( around the time Rowley Park was starting )..... Charles Callum, Dent Oliver, Ken Sharples, Buster Brown, Den Cosby, Henry Long, Lindsay Mitchell, Norman Parker, Jimmy Gibb, Jimmy Gooch, Jim Gregory, Alec Stratham, Mike Erskine, Cyril Brine, Cyril Maidment, Les Wotton, Bill Pitcher, Bill Kitchen, Bill Gilbert, Fred Williams, Eric Williams, Split Waterman, Bob Wells, Bob Oakley, Tommy Price, George Saunders, Alf Bottoms, Bruce Semmens, Bruce Abernathry, Louise Lawson, Eric Chitty, Malcom Craven, Howdy Byford, Lloyd Goffe, Danny Dunton, Ernie Roccio, Ronnie Moore, Peter Moore, Reg Trott, Craig Jones, Ron How, Barry Briggs, Brian Crutcher, Eric French, Ken Adams,C Maidment, Bob Andrews, Ray Cresp, M.Hannan etc. etc:...Alec Jackson was the editor on all of these programs that consisted of 8 pages each....