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Thunderbird Raceway

Thunderbird Raceway
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A Thunderbird Raceway Program from 1971.... This Thunderbird Raceway Program was meeting number 6 and was the South Australian Stockcar Winter Championships along with South Australia V Victoria Match Races and there was also a FJ Holden match race sponsered by Dean Qualman Motors which featured Chris Bannon, Graham Treloar, Paul Smith and J Forrester....Officials in the 1971 season were Ross Schultz ( Manager ), Ian Kelsey ( Track Manager ), Sam Thompson ( Observer ), Glen Dix ( Clerk of the course ), Larry Maloney was the reserve Clerk of the course, Time keeper / judge was Brian Graves, Barry Frost and J Stanley were the handicappers, Gary Hoffman, Peter Granger and Dennis Freeman were the track announcers and Doug Sunstrom did the editorial.... Some of the drivers at this meeting were ( Production cars ) John Fielder, John Garland, Graham Benneche, Ivar Benneche, Jim Baker, Dennis Shipp, Mark Reynolds, Richie Lang, Mal Trout ( Mr Juicy ), Ian Jones, Fred Gunn, Mick Stagg (Vic), John Crowhurst, Noel Bissett, Mick King (Vic), Leon Hazeldine, Tony Orlando, Trevor Byers and Robby Marchant.... ( Speedcars ) Dean Hogarth, Rocky Wright, Bill Wigzell, Bob Witt, Viv Wilks, Peter Kroon, Ray Sweetman, Barry Sherburne (Vic), Peter Maltby, Doug Sunstrom, Paul Jordan (Vic), Stanley Fairfield, Colin Kane and Graham Snellgrove....