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Rowley Park Speedway .... 'The place where the champions gathered'
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Rowley Park Speedway
Speedway Royal
Murray Hoffmann 1958
Rowley Park Speedway Sticker.
Rowley Park Speedway Sticker
Harley  - Davidson
Phil Crump badge.
Phil Crump
Phil Crump rug
Zeke Agars and John Moyle.
John Boulger
Dean Hogarth and John Van Dree
Workington Comets Newcastle.
Lou Sansom Workington Comets
    Lou Samson
A Rowley Park Speedway complimentary ticket. 1977.
Australian Speedway Badge
Alan Marks, Brian Farquar and the TQ of Dean Hogarth..
Super Modified of Doug Wolfgang from USA
Leon Crafter from Mount Gambier at Murray Bridge Speedway.
Super Modified of Glen Catford.
Stock Rod of T Martin.
Old Solo's on display at Murray Bridge Speedway
David Vears
Phil Crump
Lou Sansom in England 1975.
Lou Sansom at Murray Bridge 2008.
Lou Sansom and the late Kevin O'Connell
Lou Sansom and Phil Bass.
Old Smokey
Dud Lambert
Cec Deslands 1956 3/4 Midget.
Bill Barrows Stock Rod.
Stock Rod.
Stock Car of Graeme McCubbin
Formula 500 of Barrie Fitzpatrick.
Alf Shields Special.
Falcon Roadster Midget  and Glen Dix.
Ivar Benneche's FJ owned by Michael Qualmann.
Crystal Palace Speedway.
Dean Hogarth, Bill Wigzell and the late Colin Hennig.
Stock Cars at Rowley Park.
Stock Rods at Rowley Park
Kym Amundsen at Rowley Park 1979.
 Skyline Motordrome Speedway program 1955.
Skyline Motordrome Speedway  S.A. V  N.S.W.
A Coca Cola Rowley Park Speedway  bumper sticker early 1970's
Rowley Park T Shirt
1968 / 69 Rowley Park Program
Deane Taylor and passenger Steven Lewis in 1978.
The late Jimmy Gavros.
Speedway Park / City under construction as Rowley Park was nearing its end.
Harry Neale 4 1/2 paraded by Rex Sendy
John Fielder Virginia
Jim Baker and Dick Brady
First Mini Stock Saloon in South Australia
Graham Benneche and Wayne Pinnegar
Stock Saloons early 70's
Rowley Park Speedway advert. 1956
Bob Linke, Bill Wigzell and Phil Herreen
Kym Bonython 1955
Rowley Park Speedway advert. 1956
Mr.William Bates-Brownsword
Alf Shields Father Christmas 1954
Graham Cowland in his Supercharged E.H.
Ken Rickard Virginia
Glen Dix on the Clem Smith Valiant Pacer
Rick Harvey Memorial Program
Dean Hogarth and Old Smokey
Mal Leo flips Noel Thorpe
Ending in tears
John Tolen & Jimmy Davies
Dean Hogarth & Bruce Rickard
T Wilkes.  W 61 Zephyr.
Racing Drivers Association Badge
Ivar Benneche. 1969.    Virginia.
Rowley Park Speedway Programs
Noel Thorpe Virginia
Thunderbird Raceway track grading
Tony Orlando Thunderbird Raceway Virginia
Kilburn Speedway Program 1949
Kilburn Speedway Program
Rowley Park Speedway aluminium sticker
Bill Wigzell
Bill Wigzell.
Rowley Park Speedway Program
Rowley Park Speedway Program
Thunderbird Raceway
Steve Stewart
Rowley Park Speedway Brompton
Rowley Park Speedawy back straight.
Dave Allyward
Speedway Commemorative Coin
Kilburn Speedway Plaque
Kilburn Speedway Memorial  Plaque
Kilburn Sports Memorial Plaque
Riverland Speedway & left The Riverland Junior Motocross Club

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