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Rowley Park Speedway .... 'The place where the champions gathered'
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Speedcar of Robyn Hewitt
Rowley Park Speedway Badge
John Boulger. Sidewinders..
Kym McConnell at R.P.S. early 1970's
Sidecar crash....
Riverland Speedway Juniors mid 1970's
Lucky photo.... late 1970's
Dean Taylor, Kevin Taylor and Peter Menz
Glen Dix at Mallala Motor Sport Park
.The late Geoerge Tatnell....
The Late Kym Bonython and Bernadette Dixon.
The late Kym Bonython and the late George Tatnell
Phil Hosking and the late Kym Bonython
The late Eric Stack (Ross Smith)
North Arm Speedway program 1981
Ross Smith ( Eric Stack ) # 16
Glen Dix, Ross Smith and  Kym Bonython.
Snowy White  #  11
The late Colin  Hennig, Ross Smith  and  Dean Hogarth.....
Dennis Shipp and Jim Baker
Bob (Two Gun) Tattersell
Col Henning and Dean Hogarth
Conrad Lang
Conrad Lang
Conrad Lang
Conrad Lang
Darryl Reid & Ron Sadauskas
A trophy from the final night
Tedd Sadauskas leading Kevin Taylor
Lou Sansom
Fay Taylour
Wigzell by Stonie
Bob Clarke
Des Birkin
Paul Mackin
Dean Wright
Dean Wright
Dean Wright
Alan Jones, Ron Smith and Les Harrower
Alan Jones.....  The end result
Steve Stewart and Mal Leo
Steve Stewart
Steve Stewart and Darryl Downing
Steve Stewart, John Crowhurst and Robby Marchant
John Crowhurst
John Crowhurst
John Crowhurst
Robby Marchant
Robby Marchant
Robby Marchant
Thunderbird Raceway
Dick Brady
Ian Jones.... Smith Motor Company
Wembley Speedway Programs
Wembley Speedway Programs
Wimbledon Speedway
Winmbeldon Speedway Badge
Harry Denton and Bob Sierp
Bill Curnow
Bill Curnow. Thunderbird Raceway
Point Pass Speedway
Garry Rush
Peter Cunneen
Rowley Park Speedway Official Pass
Rowley Park pit pass
Frank Arthur
The late Ernie Rawlins.
The late Ern Sconce OAM
Mike ( Mick ) Sheldrick
Charlie McConnell and Bruce Kelley
Australian Test Team 78 / 79
Fay Taylour
Kieth Gurtner in the pits at Ekka in 1946
Johnny Chamberlin
Archie Neill, Junior Bainbridge and Cec O'MaraArchie
Doug Braund, Jack Geran, Howard Gillet and Hugh Geddes.
Phil Hosking
Phil Hosking
Darryl Downing number 85 F.J.Holden.
Brian Beaty
Whyalla. pits
Whyalla Speedway
Whyalla Speedway
Bill Wigzell clock
Bowes, Taylor and Munroe.
Bill Wigzell and John Moyle at Rowley Park Speedway 1977.
Sellicks Beach
Speedway Royal
Sydney Program
Speedway Roadster.
Speedway Roadster.
Aub Lawson Badge
Australia V England program
Sydney Showground program
Speedway Royale

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