Published: October 27, 2007

Rowley Park Speedways final Racing Driver Associations Judge and Time Keepers / Handicappers.

Barry Frost

Barry Frost was the Timekeeper / Handicapper for 5 years and then the R.D.A; Judge for the last 6 years at Rowley Park Speedway before going on to Speedway Park. Barry in 1979 was Married with 2 daughters and was a draughtsman for the Department of Mines and Energy.... Barry Frost has been involved with so many other Motor Sport events including the Clipsal 500 (time keeper), World Solar Challenge and as long standing President of the Austin 7 Car Club.... Bob Tattersal is the best driver Barry had ever seen....

Colin Zytveld

Colin Zytfeld was born 8 / 9 / 1933, married with 3 children and worked for the South Australian Co-op as an E.D.P. Manager. took over from Barry Frost as one of the Timekeepers / Handicappers for the R.D.A. at Rowley Park Speedway for 6 years before going on to Speedway Park. Colin was Married with 3 children and was a competitor at Thunderbird Raceway at Virginia Fairgrounds racing an FE and an EH Holden.Stock Saloons.... Steve Brazier was Colin's favorite Speedway Driver....

John Campbell

John Campbell was another of the time keepers / handicappers for the R.D.A at Rowley Park Speedway for 5 years before going on to Speedway Park. John was Married with 2 children and came with experience from the UK where he was a member of the British Motor Racing Marshalls.